Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Happiest 5k on the Planet

I saw some pictures on Instagram about a year ago of the color run. It looked like so much fun I knew I had to do it myself. I started planting seeds in Ken and Syd's head and we finally were able to do our own color run yesterday in South Bend. We had the perfect day for it too. Warm, sunny and no wind. 

We got there about an hour before the race started and there were already so many people there. We heard later that there were 7000 people doing the race that day! Before the run, there was music and zumba dancing. We saw people running in all kinds of outfits -- angel wings, wedding dresses, and wigs. 

Pre race clean picture.

Our race packets came with tattoos, so we all had one that said HAPPY, and one was a swirly color pattern.

This is a great run for people of all ages and fitness levels. It's not timed, and no one cares if you run at all.

Ken showing off his real tattoos, and some temporary ones too :)

Yellow was the first zone and I got it pretty good on one side.

Next was pink and everybody got in on that color action

The big pink cloud in the background is where the color zone was. Volunteers squirt or throw colored cornstarch on all the people as they go thru the zone.

Ken had some nice Smurf teeth after the blue zone.

The color just kept getting more and more as we went along.

Post race selfie of all the color I collected.

Every race packet comes with a color pack of your own. At the end of the run everyone gathers back in the starting area and throws their color packs all at the same time. It was crazy!

Ken after the color throw at the end

All colored up. It felt really nice -- the color was just cornstarch dyed to be one of 6 colors -- yellow, pink, orange, green, blue and purple

The cloud of color when everyone threw their color packs at the end of the run.

Side by side before and after. It was surprising where we got deposits of color -- inside our socks, under our shirts where we'd sweated from wearing a race number, and even in the underwear!

This was by far the most fun I've ever had running. We will definitely do more of these runs whenever we can.

The biggest ordeal was scrubbing the color off in the shower. It took about 15 minutes of hard scrubbing to get most of it off. Ken and Syd had blue splotches all over that just wouldn't come off. They're stained forever I guess :)


Lori said...

A bunch of us from the ward here did one last year...we were multi-colored for church the next day. Most fun race EVER!!

Adam Mendenhall said...

WoW! It does look like you and your family had a good time. I've always wanted to do a color run! They had them every year in SLC. I suprisingly found your blog while trying to find community events that I could help put together for the City. It's nice to come across people i knew that look happy and successful. I'm trying to get another job out east somewhere. Taryn and I are on Facebook, look us up and you and the FAM have a great evening.