Saturday, December 7, 2013


For Thanksgiving Celia and the kids drove over from Erie. Brian had to stay home and study for finals, which was sad, and we missed him. But we had a good time hanging out for a few days. The kids are really good and fun to be with. Celia even got some kid free time when she went to the movies with Syd. 

Maden always wants to help with whatever you're doing. He was a great Swiffer sweeper.

Maden's birthday is a week after Thanksgiving, so we had an early birthday party for him. I ordered a Mickey Mouse ice cream cake and he loved it.

Gramma gave him an Operation game. It's a little tricky for little fingers, but I think he'll figure it out.

I found some puzzles that make words when you put them together. He loved loved loved this and did it several times.
FaceTiming with Brian so he could see part of the birthday party from home.

Celia sent this after they got home. I gave him the boots and shirt for his birthday. He wore it to school for show and tell day. He's such a cute little cowboy.

I was worried about Annie and our twisty stairs. I had a baby gate all ready when they got here, but it wasn't needed at all. She doesn't walk yet, but she was so good about crawling up however far she wanted, then making sure she went down feet first every time. What a responsible baby!

She went up and down up and down and never had an accident.

Annie gets stories before bed, but she doesn't hold still very well -- for stories or pictures!

Celia got lucky with the weather for the drive here and home. This tiny bit of snow happened during the night after they got here. It was all melted and sunny by the time they left. 

I borrowed the booster from a neighbor and it was perfect. Annie is a good eater and eats whatever you give her. We made her into a bandit when she had spaghetti for lunch.

I'm glad they were able to come for Thanksgiving. It's been so nice having them close enough to visit occasionally.

*I don't know why some of the pictures are sideways. I thought I had them all saved the right way, but when I uploaded them they were like this. Oh well. Just turn your head :)

Jared's Wedding and Family Pics

October was a busy month for us. The same day as our Florida Georgia Line concert Jared got married. We waited until the next weekend to go to Idaho so we could attend his open house. Everyone at the wedding helped me feel involved by sending me pics throughout the day.

All the Purcell boys in their orange ties.

What do you do with brothers at a boring wedding reception? You see who has the longest arms of course.

Annie is pretty happy when she wakes up. She didn't love Randy all the time, but would snuggle him when he got her out of bed.

"There's something 'bout a truck." Brian in the '65

We made some driveway paint and had a good time painting up Gramma and Grampa's driveway

We went to Beckie's house and look what I found!

The neighbor cat at my parents' house liked to come hang out whenever we were outside. He was friendly, funny, and so fluffy.

Before the open house for Jared and Nikelle, we had my friend Brandi come and do some family pics with the '65 as a backdrop. She always does a great job, and everyone cooperated very nicely, even tho it was windy and chilly.

All 13 of us. Nikelle's wedding colors were purple and orange, so we carried it thru to the faimly pics.

Brian's cute little family. Maden 3, Annie 1

Ken, Syd and I

Randy and Courtney

Grandparents and grandkids

Newly weds Jared and Nikelle

Brian and Celia

Mom and Dad

Original Purcell family

We figured out if we put the youngest first in line, then it goes tallest to shortest :)

Brandi told the boys to hug me and made us laugh about it too. She's such a good photographer. 

Florida Georgia Line VIP

Ok, I admit, I've been bad about staying caught up with the blog. I actually forgot about it because I post the pictures so many other places. But here we go.

In October we had the chance to see our favorite band, Florida Georgia Line perform their first headline concert and also had a VIP experience. It was so fun to be able to meet the guys -- even for only 30 seconds, hear them sing a few songs in a small room with only a hundred other people there. And the concert was amazing. I will see them every time they are close enough. They do such a good job keeping the energy up, the crowd involved, and just having a good time on stage.

Our VIP badge

Nothing like being up close and personal to your favorite singers.

They only had time for a few songs, but they sounded as good with just their guitars as they did with their whole band.

We got a picture with Tyler and Brian and a couple other random people :)

The finale of the concert was their biggest song "Cruise." I've heard that song hundreds of times, and I still love it. It makes me happy every time I hear it. 

While we were waiting for the acoustic concert we took some pics with fake guitars and a cool backdrop of the guys.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Happiest 5k on the Planet

I saw some pictures on Instagram about a year ago of the color run. It looked like so much fun I knew I had to do it myself. I started planting seeds in Ken and Syd's head and we finally were able to do our own color run yesterday in South Bend. We had the perfect day for it too. Warm, sunny and no wind. 

We got there about an hour before the race started and there were already so many people there. We heard later that there were 7000 people doing the race that day! Before the run, there was music and zumba dancing. We saw people running in all kinds of outfits -- angel wings, wedding dresses, and wigs. 

Pre race clean picture.

Our race packets came with tattoos, so we all had one that said HAPPY, and one was a swirly color pattern.

This is a great run for people of all ages and fitness levels. It's not timed, and no one cares if you run at all.

Ken showing off his real tattoos, and some temporary ones too :)

Yellow was the first zone and I got it pretty good on one side.

Next was pink and everybody got in on that color action

The big pink cloud in the background is where the color zone was. Volunteers squirt or throw colored cornstarch on all the people as they go thru the zone.

Ken had some nice Smurf teeth after the blue zone.

The color just kept getting more and more as we went along.

Post race selfie of all the color I collected.

Every race packet comes with a color pack of your own. At the end of the run everyone gathers back in the starting area and throws their color packs all at the same time. It was crazy!

Ken after the color throw at the end

All colored up. It felt really nice -- the color was just cornstarch dyed to be one of 6 colors -- yellow, pink, orange, green, blue and purple

The cloud of color when everyone threw their color packs at the end of the run.

Side by side before and after. It was surprising where we got deposits of color -- inside our socks, under our shirts where we'd sweated from wearing a race number, and even in the underwear!

This was by far the most fun I've ever had running. We will definitely do more of these runs whenever we can.

The biggest ordeal was scrubbing the color off in the shower. It took about 15 minutes of hard scrubbing to get most of it off. Ken and Syd had blue splotches all over that just wouldn't come off. They're stained forever I guess :)